Bath time can be a stressful experience for your dog. However, following these guidelines can make your time and your pets bath time a more enjoyable experience.

Before the Bath

Do not chase your dog before the bath, try Sitting down and having your dog come to you. Use a soft tone in your voice. Say the word bath calmly before putting your pet in the bath tub. Praise your pet, and pet them, this should be a bonding time for both you and your pet, also using a treat is a good way to show your dog that bath time is fun time!
If your dog has long hair, always brush it out before the bath. The reason for this, is because if your dog has a mat, the mat will tighten in the bath once it gets wet, therefore making it almost impossible to untangle. To get a mat out you can use a special slicker brush or a matt breaker. Make sure your comb can go through the hair without snagging, before putting your pet in the bath.

In the Bath

Most people don't like a cold bath, so chances are your dog wont like it either. Use warm water. Do not spray your dog in the face with water. Your pet will not like it, and the next time they will be apprehensive to get into the bath. Use a wash cloth to clean your dogs face. There are many products that you can buy to clean your dog with. We like Southbarks Blueberry facial. Not only does this product smell good, it is tearless, and a brightener for your dogs coat. Make sure you do not get water in your dogs ears, this will cause an ear infection. Hold your dogs ear canal closed, while cleaning the face.

After the Bath

Use a towel to dry off the excess water from your dog. If your dog has long hair, you may want to use a blow dryer. Do not use a hot blow dryer, make sure its on a cool setting, and do not point in in your pets face.