The 600-hour Pet Stylist program ensures that students are fully prepared with the breed and technique expertise necessary to complete solo grooms on their first day of work in a salon. In addition to providing the same fundamentals students gain in the Pro Groomer program, the Pet Stylist program provides and enhanced curriculum that includes:

  • Corrective grooming, the art of hand-stripping and other advanced techniques
  • In-depth canine anatomy and breed-specific grooming
  • Business operations and client relations strategies
  • Entrepreneurship training and the “dos and dont's” of opening a solo grooming enterprise
Students who are not prepared to secure employment upon completion of the 600-hour program are given the option to extend their schooling by another 50 hours, at no additional charge to the individual.

Pet Stylist Grooming Program Snapshot

Starting Pay: Glassdoor estimates that Florida groomers make between $39,000 and $61,000 annually
Tuition: $11,618.93 - Financing, payment plans, and financial aid are available to those who qualify!
Full-Time Schedule: 5 days per week, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Approximately 34 weeks (8.5 months) to complete program
Both written and hands-on examinations will be given at the completion of the program. A diploma is awarded for each program to students who have:

  1. Successfully passed all required testing in the pet grooming curriculum.
  2. Attended all class hours
  3. Fulfilled all monetary obligations to the school

Pet Stylist Curriculum

600 Hours - Courses NG 101-104, plus:

Client Relations and Salon Operations – 50 Hours

Students learn how to book appointments and create groomer schedules. They also gain experience with professionally addressing clients during check-in and check-out, discussing and interpreting requests, and how to communicate incidents that occur during grooming.

Corrective and Breed-Specific Grooming –100 Hours

Students are taught when and where to use "Corrective Grooming" techniques to hide minor deformities and create flattering looks on dogs. Hands-on instruction with breed-specific grooming -- like traditional terrier patterns -- is provided throughout the course.

Canine Anatomy – 50 Hours

Students about the basic anatomy and characteristics of different breeds of dogs. Through the course, students gain an understanding of breed-specific healthcare and grooming practices, as well as learn the history and purpose behind breeding different dogs.

Business Operations and Documentation – 25 Hours

Students spend time operating the front desk, answering phong phone calls, booking appointments, and checking in clients, with instructor oversight. Other operational tactics -- like creating and introducing liability waivers to clients -- are explained and practiced.

Opportunities in the Industry – 25 Hours

Students learn the nuances of grooming in different environments, including mobile units, private salons, corporate salons, veterinary offices, and in-home grooming. Classroom discussion includes pay rates for the industry and the pros and cons of being 1099 and W2 workers.

Hands-On, In-Class Grooming on Client Pets – 150 Hours

Students practice the skills they have learned throughout the course on clients' dogs. Hands-on experience is critical to preparing for successful job placement and students are expected to take care of pets during the time they are at the school. Students are graded on several services to ensure that the consistency and quality of grooming is mastered.

Pet Stylist Program Grooming Kit

Receive an Artero grooming tool kit consisting of high-quality equipment needed to groom pets professionally. Students may purchase and use their tools instead of buying the schools tools, however, tools must be approved by the instructor.

Grooming kit for  Pets Playground Pet Grooming School - Professional Dog Groomer Program in Ocoee Florida

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