Pets Playground Grooming School's 300-hour Pro Groomer program empowers students to learn all the essential elements to quickly begin a paid, entry-level grooming career. Whether you're a lifelong artist seeking to channel your talents into a fulfilling career or just have a passion for working with animals, the Pro Groomer program will prepare you with the foundational breed knowledge, technical skills, and creative perspective critical to success in the workplace.

Pro Groomer Snapshot

Starting Pay: Glassdoor estimates that Florida groomers make between $39,000 and $61,000 annually
Tuition: $7,658.93 - Financing, payment plans, and financial aid are available to those who qualify!
Full-Time Schedule: 5 days per week, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Approximately 17 weeks/4 months to complete program
Part-Time Schedule: Choose 3 days per week, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Approximately 25 weeks (6 months) to complete program
Students are required to complete both written and hands-on examinations at the end of the program. A diploma is awarded for each program to a student that has:

  1. Successfully passed all required testing in the pet grooming curriculum
  2. Attended all class hours
  3. Fulfilled all monetary obligations to the school

Pro Groomer Curriculum

(300 Hours - 50/50 lab work/theory)

Introduction to Grooming and Pet Safety – 25 Hours

Students learn the history and importance of dog grooming as an industry. The course covers pet and human safety while working with and grooming animals. Students are introduced to the safety equipment found both in the school and the industry, at large.

Pet Handling, Behavior, and Health – 50 Hours

Students learn how to handle and properly attend to the pets in their care. Instructors discuss how to interpret canine body language and behaviors to ensure they understand how to best work with animals and create a comfortable environment for them. Students also learn canine anatomy, how to recognize common health concerns and issues that groomers encounter on the job, and best practice for addressing problems with clients.

Product and Equipment Knowledge – 50 Hours

Students are educated in the products used while working with animals, like coat maintenance and sanitation tools. They are introduced to and begin to practice with various equipment and solutions.

Bathing and Grooming Techniques – 75 Hours

Students learn bathing, drying and other techniques/preparations that occur before haircuts. Instructors provide training on proper bathing and drying techniques, expressing anal glands, and correct applications of medicated shampoos. Students begin to master "prep work," including paw pad shaving, caring for sanitary areas, nail trimming and grinding, ear cleaning and plucking, dematting, and fluff drying.

Hands-On, In-class Grooming on Clients' Pets – 100 Hours

Students practice the skills they have learned throughout the course on clients' dogs. Hands-on experience is critical to preparing for successful job placement and students are expected to take care of pets during the time they are at the school. Students are graded on several services to ensure that the consistency and quality of grooming is mastered.

Dog Groomer Program Kit

Receive an Artero grooming tool kit consisting of high-quality equipment needed to groom pets professionally. Students may purchase and use their tools instead of buying the schools tools, however, tools must be approved by the instructor.

Grooming kit for  Pets Playground Pet Grooming School - Professional Dog Groomer Program in Ocoee Florida

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